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area-rug-cleaningOur Ottawa rug cleaning service uses professional certified technicians in accordance with IICRC regulations. We have the broadest and most extensive rug cleaning professionals in the Ottawa area that can make your rugs feel like new again.

Decorative area rugs can be an absolutely beautiful addition to any home. The different styles, colors, textures and shapes can fit into any d├ęcor whether it is modern, contemporary or classic. They warm up any room and add a level of class that is truly hard to compare any other piece of art with.

This said about area rugs, it is important to note that they do definitely need to be maintained by having them professionally cleaned annually by our certified technicians.

A common mistake made by a homeowners using a rental or owned steam-cleaning machine, for a synthetic rug that can be acceptable, but for a natural fiber area rug that is made up of wool or silk, the results can actually be devastating. By using an expert company like Eco-pro carpet cleaning you can rest assured that the results will be excellent and all cleaning will be done with an environmentally friendly product that is safe and non-toxic

As certified rug cleaning experts in Ottawa, we know that when it comes to wool, silk or handmade rugs it is essential that they are cleaned properly with the appropriate methods. Steam cleaning a wool rug can actually completely ruin it, which is why Eco-Pro uses the best method, hand washing in a Jacuzzi style bath. And hung to dry properly in a temperature and moisture controlled chamber.

Professionals know which products are safe and effective, but homeowners need to beware. Gloves should be worn at all times whenever either the professionals or homeowner are on the scene. Additives and chemicals can have unknown dangerous ingredients like the solvent butoxyethanol that can be absorbed through the skin. Blood poisoning, internal organ damage, and reproductive issues have been linked to this chemical.

The good news with Eco-pro is simply we do not use these products in the cleaning process, our methods are complete green and non-toxic.

Pet stains and urine treatment is one of the top reasons for having your area rugs cleaned. It is important to note that urine contains blood borne pathogens that need to be neutralized and removed from the carpets to prevent further contamination and odor. Not to mention mold growth, bacterial infestation as well as permanent esthetic damage to the carpet.

Eco-Pro professional services offers a complete VIP style of service in which we pick up the carpets, clean them in our plant and deliver them to your home. A typical pickup and delivery will take approximately 7 working days.

Our professionals are standing by to help you get the most out of your rugs. We know that they are important to you and that is why we employ only the most advanced and safe techniques to clean and deodorize your carpets and rugs. For more information about having your rugs cleaned by ECO-PRO, or if you would like to receive a free quote, please fill in the contact form with a number that we can reach you at, or simply call us directly.

Let our professional help you with all your needs for rug cleaning in Ottawa. We are IICRC certified and we have the highest level of customer service in Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and all the surrounding areas. Give us a call today and learn the difference that our service makes.